Monday, April 21, 2008


Judeo-Arab Conspiracy is an attempt to discuss and disagree on issues pertaining to Jews and Arabs in a thoughtful and civilized way. The authors do not expect to convince each other, nor do they see their blog as in any way constructing a bridge towards peace. They truly disagree with one another on matters of great importance, but they think that the disagreements need not preclude rational discussion.

Rules of Engagement: One author posts on a topic of his choice, and then remains silent irrespective of the comments that may be made by the public. The second author has a full week to respond; if he has not done so, the original author may re-engage; after the initial response commenting is unlimited. The right to start a new thread, however, has now passed to the second author (even if discussion of the previous post hasn't ended), and the first has a week to respond.

No shouting is allowed, and commentors are encouraged to abide by the rules of courtesy. There is no restriction, however, as to the comment contents. You may express outrageous ideas, so long as you express them politely.

Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf holds a degree in linguistics and does teaching and research in the field of minority languages. He has also authored three books of short stories, one volume of children's poetry and over one-hundred short pieces for the piano, as well as about two dozen chess problems. He believes the creation of Israel as a Jewish state to be a major, but reversible, historical mistake.

Dr. Yaacov Lozowick is a historian by training, an author, blogger, and a businessman by vocation. He is the author of "Right to Exist, A Moral Defense of Israel's Wars" (Doubleday 2003), lives in Jerusalem, and is a staunch Zionist. His blog is here, and his business is here.

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