Thursday, September 11, 2008

On this blog's ownership

I have been privately contacted in connection with the contents of this blog.

The fact that this is a joint blog may mislead some of our readers into thinking that both co-bloggers share equal responsibility for it, which is not the case. I therefore think it necessary to make the following clarification.

I'm a contributor to this blog, but I'm not the blog's owner. That means I can do certain things (e.g. submitting posts), but I can't do some other things (e.g. changing the blog's format, or inviting other people as guest contributors), and, perhaps most importantly, I can't undo things (e.g. deleting a comment, a post or the blog altogether).

The owner of this blog is Yaacov Lozowick, who can be reached at the e-mail address stated elsewhere on this page. While I'll be glad to respond to queries about my posts and comments, all other observations and complaints should be addressed to him.

Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf

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